Windswept Wig? Gone With The Wind…


Hair-raising: President Donald Trump, 70, was having some publicity photos taken when a Tornado caught his wig and blew it right off of his head!

It was supposed to a photoshoot to remember – and it was – but for all the wrong reasons!

President Donald Trump, 70, had made himself look stunningly beautiful for his Valentine’s Day campaign rally photo shoot last year.

He went ‘all out’ when it came to his hair and makeup. His handlers picked various outfits and had even set aside a number of stylish hairpieces to use during the photo shoot designed to show him posing as different American heroes throughout history.331088fe00000578-3534184-image-m-79_1460387990913

After Trump successfully posed as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, J. Edgar Hoover and Charles Lindbergh, one testy wig seemed to have ideas of its own as a rogue F-5 Tornado gust caught it at the perfect angle and took it right off of his head.


Trump, who was speaking at a White-Supremacist Rally in storm-ravaged Sugar Tit, Texas, was the President-elect of the United States at the time and the recently-revealed founder of a for-profit organization called: White Men With Wigs. Sugar Tit had recently been devastated by a tornado and was still under warning but Trump insisted the rally continue to not disappoint the small but noisy crowd assembled to see him.

In recently uncovered footage he told SOB News that the whole wig incident caught everyone by surprise.

“At the end of the day, in the very last outfit that I took pictures in, my photographer was like, ‘Okay, Donald, I want you to just let loose,’ he recalled. ‘Let’s see your sexy side.'”

Without warning, his hairpiece just flew away in the winds.

“I cracked up laughing,” the then-President-elect said. “It was so… amazing, truly…amazing, truly. After that nasty tornado destroyed this beautiful town and killed dozens, I have much to be grateful for. It was obviously…a very expensive wig made by my daughter Ivanka, but I got a family discount. I’m just glad I wasn’t harmed…so glad I wasn’t harmed!”

Reporting team for The Butterfly Report led by Jeffie Pop