White-supremacist groups “We vow to use nukes!”

Leaders of “Alt-Right Redneck” groups promoting white-supremacy are prepared to revolt against President Donald Trump and use Nukes if he doesn’t follow through on his campaign promises, The Butterfly Report correspondent Jeffie Pop has learned!

rednecksTBR spoke to several clueless but agitated leaders of white-supremacist groups who expressed disappointment with Presidents Bannon and Trump for walking back on their promises to gas Muslims and build a roof over the entire planet to keep out ‘pesky’ outer-space aliens.

Since his unsettling victory, President Trump has softened on both stances. He’s said roofing could make up part of the proposed anti-alien plan, but at the moment he has bigger fish to fry like “redecorating the White House and launching Trump Funeral Homes, Inc. on son Eric’s behalf.”

“At first he promised to send them little green fuckers back to outer-space. Now he’s teetering on that!” Tater Nelson, a white supremacist who runs American Renaissance magazine, told The Butterfly Report.

“I think the Right is absolutely prepared to revolt against both Presidents Bannon and Trump,” added Gator Blumfish, who founded the xenophobic website We-Dare-2-Care. Regardless of Trump’s support — or lack thereof — leaders of the groups say they are motivated to keep pushing their movement forward and use Nuclear weapons if need be.

“We don’t wanna fucking use Nukes,” Blumfish said. “But if he keeps letting them little fuckers run amuck in our skies…we’ll fucking do it!”

4660935227_4d94f8cb26Another Trump supporter turned Trump-hater is Tonya Knuckles of Mules Ass, Arkansas. “We gotta fight…for the right…to PARTY!” she shouted.

After Trump’s win, a crowd cheered “Heil Trump” at an alt-right conference and performed the Nazi salute. Now Trump’s love affair with the uninformed seems to be short-lived.

“None of us white folks are looking for jobs in the Trump/Bannon White House,” Blumfish said. “We ain’t party loyalists. They know we’re entirely outside the establishment and shit. And they’re treating us pretty darned bad. Now we are having to resort to using nukes!”

Trump formally denounced such groups during an interview with The Butterfly Report in late January.

“I don’t want to fucking disappoint my followers, but let’s face it folks, they are not the best or the brightest, sadly they are not…and I have a White House to decorate,” he said added, returning to peruse an open wallpaper pattern book on his Oval Office desk.  “They’re just not the smartest people,” he added with a sigh.  “I mean…I needed their votes, but they’re not my kind of people, not at all.”