It’s a plot twist not even Alfred Hitchcock would think of! Little Barron Trump is said to be trapped and alone in Trump Tower because President Trump forgot to have doors installed to his Five-Star residence!

Melania Trump says she has no clue how to get into Trump Tower to rescue Baby Barron and as far as authorities know the boy has been trapped since construction without anyone else

The chilling discovery of his ordeal was made on Dec. 24, 2016 when a maid showed up to hide gifts under the Christmas tree and could not get in. “I was in a state of shock,” said Maria Lopez. “I looked for a door to get in and there was no freakin’ door! I just left the packages in the hall and called the police.”

“It’s a terrible shame,” said a police official. “The kid is trapped. I guess there’s a dumbwaiter to hoist him up food and video games, but other than that the little squirt’s all alone!”

But invbarronnodoorsestigators who were looking into possible charges of neglect now believe Melania Trump may not have known she could not get into Trump Palace. Police think that she may have been living in the wrong penthouse for several years.

“It’s sad,” said outraged Trump Tower resident Connie Clump. “That precious little boy has been sealed in that awful penthouse like it’s some sort of Pharaoh’s Tomb! And the family wasn’t even aware that they forgot to install doors? Excuse me…that is wromelania-speaksng on so many levels!”

When police questioned the President’s wife, she spoke about her son as if he had simply been misplaced. “I am…not too…uh…sure…where Barron is,” she said.

The Trumps’s penthouse, a well-appointed four-story palace inside swanky Trump Tower, is said to be worth a whopping $700,000,000 but mysteriously  was built without doors. Now it’s a question of what to do to get him out. Building code enforcement officials say it’s not as simple as just “building a door.”

homepage-bg-tower“One wrong move and the entire Trump Tower could cave in,” said Steven Yoder, an Amish craftsman and barn builder. “The best thing to do is just leave well enough alone and pray…that’s all we can do…just pray.”

For now Barron is safe, but time will tell if the Trump family finally install doors and have him removed.

“It’s not on our shoulders,” the police official explained. “It’s up to the President whether or not he wants to get the kid out. My guess?  He’ll be in there for a very long time.”