Fashion designer and world religious leader Pope Francis will be launching a fashion line for the homeless and will soon be conquering a runway near you!

Pope Francis — who was fired last April from Christian Dior over his skin-exposing dhomelessesigns for the elderly— has been working to mend fences with the fashion community, The Butterfly Report  learned on Friday. His appearance at an event at a Catholic Mass in the Western Indian Province of Boboo Gumboo was meant to be a celebration of his groundbreaking fashion comeback.

“We have all looked through envious eyes at the fashion-forward style of the homeless…now we can all dress like we are homeless, as well,” said Francis.mike

“We all knew the Pope wasn’t quite finished in the fashion world,” said Passion Fruit Johnson, a gay fashion icon from Brooklyn, New York. “He just fucking knows how to push it to the limit in fashion…now, Catholic people from all over the globe can dress like they’re homeless!”

Pope Francis will be the featured guest at The Ethical Fashion Initiative’s opening session of a new program called: RAINBOW CONNECTION, organized by three West Indian gay Nuns and designed to bring “Homeless Chic back into fashion mainstream.”