MULES ASS, ARKANSAS — As 16-year-old Petey Patrick gazed across the darkened neighborhood, his eyes settled on a distant hill. There, in the cool of night, the lights of the Bannon’s Backrubs Home For Wayward Boys sparkled like a gem of hope…or the Addams Family house.

“I love looking up there,” he said, pointing toward the juvenile detention center that’s now his home. “It kind of reminds me of the movie Psycho. And Mr. Bannon…well, he’s stephen-bannonsort of special, too…in a creepy kind of way.”

Certainly, Petey and the other long-term residents of Bannon’s Backrubs Home For Wayward Boys could have been sent to any of several facilities for troubled youths. Instead, they were given a reprieve of sorts–a chance to turn their lives around at one of the newest campuses established by co-President/white supremacist Steve Bannon.

Today, Bannon’s Backrubs is home to 87 troubled boys from throughout the Mules Ass, Arkansas area. Most of them were placed there because of continuing problems at home and in the community, including grave-robbing and other hate crimes.

Founded in 2016, its look has changed significantly in recent months. Gone is compound-style living that for decades emulated the popular Hitler Youth Program known as “Hitlerjugend” in Nazi Germany, and in its place sits an elaborate welhitler_youthl-appointed compound that the even the nation’s First Family might envy.

The new Mules Ass campus, opened a few weeks ago, includes a sprawling mansion and comprises about 45,000 square feet of living and recreational. The home is managed and occupied by a specially trained ex-Nazi guards who have responsibility for up to sixty youths involved in special ‘Whites-Only’ activities.

“We don’t have commingling…fraternization… of the races here,” Bannon explains. “It’s just better this way, don’t you think?”

Currently, 87 boys are living at Bannon’s Backrubs; most were placed there by their white supremacist parents who pay a fee based on their welfare checks or other forms of state aid. The home is expected to be fully occupied by 330 boys by January 2018 and military-style training for whites only will follow.

“When they steve-bannonturn 16 we start to train them in our “Bannon Youth” program. It’s there that they will learn basic life skills like driving tanks, shooting machine guns and even gang rape,” Bannon explained. “Who knows…maybe someday I’ll have my own fucking army!”

“Many of the boys come from families that are disorganized, chaotic and generally dysfunctional…somewhat like the Trumps,” says Rudolph “Red Nose” Hess, site director for Bannon’s Backrubs Inc. “It’s in our families where we learn our anti-social skills, how to cope with Negroes and queers…and how to behave toward one another. It’s in our families where we learn confidence and self-esteem and the fucking Nazi salute. And something as simple as a backrub can make all the difference. It is the way we reward good progress here.”

“When I started Backrubs, I used the simple premise that there are no bad boys–just bad backrubs,” Bannon says. “The thinking is that if you take these boys, remove them from their bad environments and give them backrubs when they behave the way you want, they will turn out okay. Anyway, that’s how I see it…I really am a giving man…especially when it comes to backrubs.”