Using only scraps from a demolished 1920s-era barn in upstate New York, Trump adviser Steve Bannon (and a whole crew of professional Amish craftsmen) recently remade the infamous Bates Motel Mansion from the movie Psycho. That’s pretty damn impressive. What’s more impressive is that he wants it to become our nation’s new White House! The Butterfly Report’s Jeffie Pop sat down with Mr. Bannon earlier this week:

Q: Mr. Bannon do you really want this to become America’s batesnew White House?

A: You fucking bet that I do! I think that this house is a mirror representation of the horrors that await our country with me in charge.

Q: What inspired you to want to take on this endeavor?

A: I needed something really cool to focus on after the election, you know. I’m like a pit bull in that regard. And when I decided our nation should have a new White House, I fucking went to town and this is the result.

Q: Astephen-bannon2re you really our nation’s true President? I mean, you didn’t get elected and —

A: Yes, I am. Do you have a fucking problem with that?

Q: Uh, no. Sir, do you like Black folks?

A: No…or gays or Jews or mongrel dogs. But I do like kittens…and clowns, I really like clowns.

Q: Are you a monster?

A: Yes, I am. Thank you for noticing. I’m the monster under every child’s bed…now I have a home befitting of a true monster…the fucking Norman Bates Mansion.

Q: Will President Trump be staying here with you?

A: No, not him, but perhaps little Barron! I would love to spend a few candle-lit nights with little Barron, haw haw. Just kidding.  No freaky stuff, got that?