Special reporting by Butterfly Report‘s Jeffie Pop:

A Fort Wayne nun has been arrested after police discovered a video showing her kitten playing with a gun!!!

Police in Indiana said they found the footage on the phone of Sister Marilla Fish, 99, who was questioned after she allowed her kitten to shoot a handgun out of her apartment old-nunwindow at onlookers below.  Fish was reportedly agitated over the presence of a Trump Resistance March walking past the convent.

Sister Marilla was arrested and charged with neglect, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and allowing a kitten to possess a deadly firearm.  She was not taken into custody.

In the recovered video, the nasty nun — now dubbed ‘NRA Nun’ — can clearly be heard encouraging the kitten by saying “pow,”  “bang” and “shoot the fuckers, kitty!”. No one tries to stop the kitten as it points a gun out of the nun’s apartment window.

Police say Sister Marilla Fish told officers her kitten was holding a toy gun, but investigators say it was a .40-caliber handgun. “Plus, my cat was fulfilling his 2nd cat-vnr-gunsAmendment rights,” Fish added, citing an NRA-approved defense.

“The gun that the little kitten was pointing was absolutely loaded,” said policeman Berk Tramadol of the local Vice Squad. “That little fucker meant to kill!”

The gun’s magazine appeared to be loaded but it was not clear if ammunition was in the chamber, police said.

The kitten and two other siblings have been placed in protective custody authorities said. Sister Marilla says that she is seeking guidance from her Heavenly Father and NRA President Wayne LaPierre, “but not necessarily in that order,” she added with a wink.